Stark's mission is to supply beautiful and unique carpets, rugs, fabrics, and furnishings of unparalleled quality to the interior design community with exceptional custom service and account management. We are committed to continuing our tradition of excellence in product development by exploring world markets to ensure we always offer the best new products and innovative ideas. 


  • Transparency: The world is transparent and so is Stark. We have clear, concise policies and follow them religiously. This means never losing focus on the interior designer and continuing to provide special products and services exclusively to the trade.  

  • Consistency: Stark is true to our brand and our trade partners. This means that we will always protect the exclusive nature of our trade-only goods and services. We gladly recommend designers when retail clients want exclusive products and will not sell these exclusive goods direct-to-consumer under any circumstance.


Dating back to his tenure on Wall Street, Arthur Stark was always a man concerned with bringing the very best product to his growing clientele. This same philosophy acted as the foundation for the Stark carpet enterprise, which he would start with his wife Nadia in 1938. 

As the first importers of patterned, luxury, handmade carpet into America, the Starks strived to find the right connections with manufacturers who could create impeccable carpet and rugs. Developing their foothold in Europe, the company helped integrate wide-scale changes in the industry that are still considered revolutionary today. 

From outfitting the White House in the '60s to creating the first custom-made floor coverings in the '70s, the Stark empire continued to prosper within the hands of Arthur and Nadia’s sons, Steven and John Stark. Thanks to innovative new techniques, the Starks pushed their brand even further, growing from two showrooms to an internationally recognized luxury brand with multiple product lines. 

With third generation owners Chad and Ashley Stark working with their fathers, the Stark legacy continues into the new century by staying true to their founding principles. Creating carpeting and rugs, especially those that are handmade, is an incredible art form that requires a great deal of specialized knowledge. For over 75 years, Stark has taken the care to deliver quality products and see that they are built with care from start to finish.